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GO Local Courier

GO Local Courier is a Kingston based courier service specializing in important document and small parcel delivery. Founder Charles Lapointe, whose previous ventures included real-estate dabbles, racing BMWs, and sport marketing, had a vision for a dispatch-less courier service.

Another software provider developed proof-of-concept software prototype and convinced GO to open for business using the prototype in June 2005. The lack of design and resources as well as corner-cutting by the provider of the time got GO into trouble - customers began to complain and the company started to sink fast.

GO turned to InnovationOne in the Spring 2006 to create a plan and design for it's new system. It was to be scalable, and was to support many productivity enhancing features for both customers and GO staff. Bursting at the seams, GO was on a tight timeline for results. InnovationOne delivered!

Founder Charles Lapointe recalls:

"We explained our critical situation and InnovationOne wasted no time creating our project plan. They redesigned our whole system in weeks instead of the months we were accustomed to with the previous provider. I had direct access to my project manager via cell phone. He was always available to explain our current position with regards to completion and to answer any question that surfaced. I can't begin to tally the time and frustration we saved by working with InnovationOne."

Armed with a newly found confidence in their business model and technology, GO is planning expansion to other markets across Canada and the United States. Visit GO Local Courier at


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